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Liquid Gamepad Headphone Controller Dock

Liquid Gamepad Headphone Controller Dock

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Take Your Setup to the Next Level!

Introducing our NEW Liquid Gaming Headphone Controller Stand! It features precise, machine-cut slots that keep your favorite headphones and controller neatly stored yet always within reach.

CNC machined from robust Tasmanian oak wood and varnished with beeswax, the dock is both practical and stylish. It’s the ultimate headphone controller dock, perfectly designed for tidy storage, accessibility, and good looks.


The Liquid Headphone Controller Dock Boasts Superior Design and Clever Features, Including:

Premium Hardwood

Hand-sanded Tasmanian Oak for durability and style, finished with beeswax to make the wood grain pop. The natural materials mean no two docks look the sameYour headphone controller holder will be as unique as your gaming style

Laser Etching

Make your dock truly your own with a splash of personalization. Add our laser etching (Choose from 2 Font style) option to have your Gamertag, name, or nickname etched into the wood. Your buddies will be jealous, but they’ll know not to touch your controller

Expertly Crafted 

This machine-cut docking station keeps you at the top of your game. Perfectly shaped slots secure your gamepad and spare buttons in place. No more lost or damaged Headphones and controllers; you’ll always be ready for a virtual fight

Store your headphones and controller on your desk so it’s always easy to grab. Or display it on your shelf to create a cool piece of room décor

Boosted Storage

Get yourself the Storage Edition, which boasts an extra compartment for your accessories. It’s a convenient way to keep your earbuds and cables tidy and safe. It’s also a smart way to level-up your controller storage

The Liquid headphone controller dock is a slick and stylish departure from others on the market. It has no annoying lights or sounds, instead boasting a modern design that’s classy, not flashy.

If you do want to show off though, have your dock laser-etched so everyone knows your Gamertag. Your headphone and controller will become more than just a device; it’ll be an awesome display piece worthy of a pro gamer.  


Hand Sanded Tasmanian Oak with a beeswax finish


Length x Width x Height

19.3cm x 14.2cm x 1.8cm

Refund policy

All engraved controllers are non-returnable. All engraved items of the Controller holder are specifically for final sale and have been engraved according to customer specifications. Liquid carry is not liable for errors that are the result of customer instructions or specifications.

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